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Sync Meds


Our pharmacists are dedicated to ensuring that the medicines prescribed are suitable for individual patients; advising about medicines, how to take them, reactions that may occur, and helping to ensure there are no interactions with other medications.

TRANSFERS are hassle free at Hibbard's!  Call us and provide the other pharmacy's phone number and prescriptions to help expedite the process.

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Sync My Meds

About a week before your prescriptions are due, a pharmacy staff member will call to confirm the medications needed, review any changes since the last fill, request refills from the doctor, and resolve any issues.  All the hard work is done for you, providing you with one single, convenient day each month to receive your medications.


Package My Meds

Utilizing HealthPak, we are able to package your meds monthly, providing a convenient, easy to take, personalized pill pack.  Each pack is unique to your personal needs.  For full details, click on the logo above, or click here.


Review My Meds
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Review My Meds

A consultation service to give a comprehensive medication review to target actual or potential medication problems.  The pharmacist will take into consideration all of the patient's conditions, lab results, and medication therapies such as over-the-counter and herbal supplements, as well as current prescriptions.  During your meeting, your pharmacist can identify ways to optimize your medications, as well as any potential cost-saving opportunities.

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FREE delivery within the city limits of Medicine Lodge.   When placing refills, whether thru texting or by phone, request that your prescriptions be delivered.  Prescriptions must be in by ??? in order to receive same day delivery.

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We are excited to be offering a new drive-thru service at our new location!  An announcement will be made once we are moved into our new building in 2022.

Drive Thru
Med Return

Med Return

We offer a MedReturn in the pharmacy!  Accepted items include prescription medicines, prescription ointments and liquids, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and medicines for your pets.

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