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Senior Health
Diabetes Education
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Senior Care

Senior medication assistance can be daunting.  Our pharmacists are trained to best assist seniors with medicine adherence, keeping costs down, insurance assistance, medication interactions, to diabetes education. We encourage seniors and/or their caregivers to schedule an appointment with one of our pharmacists to customize a program for the patient or a loved one.



Vaccinations are given by our pharmacy technicians and are over seen by a pharmacist on duty.  We offer Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles, and more.  Vaccinations are FREE with most insurance.  Call today to see if an appointment is necessary.  Some vaccines will need to be ordered in advance.

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Whether you have pre-diabetes, were recently diagnosed, or have had diabetes for many years, let your pharmacist provide quality education, training, and tools to help enable you to understand and contribute to the management of your diabetes.

Topics covered include:

Diabetes Basics

Nutrition Basics

Physical Activity

Medication Review

Blood Sugar Log Reviews

Health & Wellness

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Checking Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Need your blood pressure taken?  Our pharmacists are happy to take it for you!  No appointment needed.

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CBD Products

Ask about our CBD products and how you may benefit from using them!

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